One Distinct Difference In The Criminal Law Of Canada

29 June 2019
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If you need a criminal lawyer in Canada, you should know that there are many differences between the way that the court system in the U.S. and the "Crown" executes fair and impartial judgement upon you. For one, there is no death penalty in Canada, but the equivalent punishment for an equally heinous crime is not much better. There is also the issue of proving both mens rea and actus reus. In Canada, the Crown (which is the Canadian equivalent to a District Attorney and judge/judicial location) has to prove that you had both the intention to commit the crime or crimes with which you are charged, and that you were actually the one that committed said crime(s). Read More …

Marrying A Canadian Citizen And Divorce: What The Rest Of The World Needs To Know

16 February 2018
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If you marry a Canadian citizen, do you know what happens if you pursue divorce? What about an annulment? In Canada, these mean very different things than they do in the United States, or in any other country for that matter. If you are engaged to a Canadian citizen, you should educate yourself on all of the following. Annulment Annulment is only granted on the grounds of an illegitimate or unrecognized marriage, or when one partner is unable to consummate the marriage. Read More …