3 Tips For An Uncontested Divorce

3 Tips For An Uncontested Divorce

20 April 2018
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In an uncontested divorce, the two sides reach an agreement on their own and then ask the court to approve the agreement. Theoretically, the court should not have to decide how to split up anything between the two parties like in a contested divorce. While this sounds relatively easy, complications could still occur. Here are three tips to help you and your spouse get through an uncontested divorce.

Hire a Mediator Long Before You Get to Court

If issues arise during what you thought was going to be an uncontested divorce, there is a way to solve it amicably without destroying the entire process. You and your soon-to-be ex could hire a mediator to help you work through any disagreements over property or other assets. Having a mediator finalize certain aspects of your divorce settlement could make it more likely that the agreement will be accepted in court, as the judge will see that both parties did their due diligence to ensure a fair agreement for both sides.

You Should Still Keep an Attorney at the Ready

Even if you agree to have an uncontested divorce and a mediator is able to step in and settle any significant issues that might throw your agreement off the rails, you still might want to do a little research on local divorce attorneys. You don't actually have to hire one if the divorce is truly uncontested, but if something goes wrong, it can be helpful to already know the name of an attorney that can jump in and fight for you. That said, if both parties are committed to the process, a mediator will hopefully be all the help you need.

Keep Communication Open Before Court Day

Whatever you do, don't show up for your court date with even a hint of unresolved issues. If you try to file an uncontested divorce agreement but then the court learns during the hearing that there are still unresolved issues, you are likely to get your divorce agreement rejected. Keep communication open as much as possible through this process so there are no unexpected surprises later on.

For best results when attempting an uncontested divorce, contact a local mediator that can help you resolve any issues that pop up. Going to a mediator can help keep your divorce uncontested and prevent a long and expensive legal battle that surely neither side really wants. For more information, contact a local mediator from a company like The Divorce Company.